Qr Code Generator Api

Create your own QR Code with our user-friendly API endpoint.



In today's fast-paced digital world, people increasingly rely on their devices to access information and share it between individuals or businesses. QR codes are a popular marketing tool that facilitates this seamless exchange of information.



Getting Started

QR codes serve various purposes, including storing simple text, addresses, emails, URLs, and payment information. Tabriel allows you to generate a QR code using an API, making it easy to integrate into your app.


API Endpoints

  • Create QR Code
  • Text
  • Size
  • Color
  • Background
  • Gradient
  • Eye Color
  • Style
  • Image


By leveraging Tabriel's QR Code Generator API, you can quickly and easily create custom QR codes for various applications, such as marketing materials, websites, and mobile apps. The intuitive API endpoint allows you to adjust the size, color, background, and gradient of your QR codes to suit your specific needs.


Pricing options for Instagram API


Best plan for hobby projects


Get started
  • 200 API call / month
  • 3 Days of API Log Retention
  • 1 project


Best plan if you are a developer


Get started
  • 20.000 API call / month
  • API Log
  • Unlimited projects


Best plan for startups


Get started
  • 100.000 API call / month
  • API Log
  • Unlimited projects


Best plan for organizations


Get started
  • 400.000 API call / month
  • API Log
  • Unlimited projects

Can’t find a suitable plan? We are offering Enterprise solutions that gives you unlimited API Calls, a dedicated server and much more flexibility. — Request Quote