Instagram Basic Display Api

Easily retrieve Instagram feeds in JSON format without any hassle.

2  "id": "2911847479248079804",
3  "media_type": "IMAGE",
4  "permalink": "",
5  "media_url": "",
6  "username": "arcticmonkeys",
7  "caption": "The new album from Arctic Monkeys, ‘The Car’ is out 21st October. Pre-order now.",
8  "timestamp": "2023-08-24T09:42:15+0000"


Tabriel enables you to access your Instagram feeds in JSON format, allowing easy integration into your website or product, all without the need for coding or server setup. To get started, sign up at and activate the Instagram API from our Marketplace.



Getting Started

In order to access the Instagram API, you will need an Instagram Long Live Access Token. Follow these steps to obtain one:

  • Visit and create an app.
  • Locate the Instagram card and click “Set Up.”
  • Navigate to Products -> Instagram -> Basic Display -> Create App.
  • Click on “Add or Remove Instagram Testers.”
  • Scroll down to find “Instagram Testers.”
  • Add your Instagram account as a tester.
  • Accept the invitation at
  • Go to Products -> Instagram -> Basic Display -> Click on “Generate Token.”
  • Copy the generated token.
  • Click on the "Create Instagram API" button, enter the required values, and click "Create." 🎉 Done!




The following endpoints are available for the Instagram API:

  • Profile feeds: Access all your Instagram profile feeds with a simple REST API.
  • Single feed: Retrieve a single feed by feed ID.



Video Tutorial

For those who prefer video tutorials, we have you covered.




Tabriel Instagram API: No Coding Required

Are you searching for a way to access your Instagram feed without writing any code? Tabriel has developed an Instagram API wrapper that allows you to fetch your latest posts in just a few minutes. This hassle-free solution is perfect for learning new APIs or quickly integrating third-party services.


Using the Tabriel Instagram API Wrapper

With Tabriel, using the Instagram API Wrapper requires no coding. Simply connect your account to access data from the Instagram API. For advanced functionality, sign up for an Instagram business account and add permissions through your app dashboard.

To use the Tabriel Instagram API Wrapper, sign in to the Instagram developer portal at and create an application. You can obtain your access_token in two ways: via OAuth 2.0 or by using our "No Code" option. More information can be found in our Instagram API Documentation.


What Can You Do with the Instagram API?

The Instagram API allows you to create interactive, real-time experiences to help users explore their world in various ways. You can create applications that allow users to upload photos to your site or view previously uploaded content. The possibilities are endless!

Use Tabriel API Services to build:

  • Mobile applications with Instagram API integration
  • SaaS applications for fetching Instagram feeds
  • Multi-user feed experiences
  • Advanced shopping feeds using the Instagram API
  • WordPress Instagram widgets


Pricing options for Instagram API


Best plan for hobby projects


Get started
  • 100 API call / month
  • 3 Days of API Log Retention
  • 1 project


Best plan if you are a developer


Get started
  • 10.000 API call / month
  • API Log
  • Unlimited projects


Best plan for startups


Get started
  • 50.000 API call / month
  • API Log
  • Unlimited projects


Best plan for organizations


Get started
  • 250.000 API call / month
  • API Log
  • Unlimited projects

Can’t find a suitable plan? We are offering Enterprise solutions that gives you unlimited API Calls, a dedicated server and much more flexibility. — Request Quote